Remember those "Vietnam/Desert Storm Veteran" service hats at the exchange? Wearing one is like a rite of passage. A badge of honor so-to-speak. The only thing is most younger veterans won't wear them. 

Circa 2018...

There I was, enjoying a cold local stout at one of Las Vegas' favorite watering holes. I was a beer club member at the time and won a prize for reaching the 100th different beer mark. It was a flatbill "fitted" hat with the tavern’s name on it. I've always liked the look of flat bill fitted hats but they never looked good on me no matter how many I tried on over the years. My first instinct was to give it away but I figured I'd try it on...

I've been wearing it ever since.

Fast forward several months later and it suddenly hit me that I didn't have to wait till I earned the right to wear one of those coveted service or campaign hats and decided to create my own design to wear. I did some research on the brand of hat I won and found out that OTTO International only sells their hats at wholesale and that's when light bulb came on!

That single thought quickly morphed into Vet☆Head Brand and the rest is history.

You know what they say - the best (mostly worse) ideas usually involve booze. In my case, it's American Whiskey or Bourbon and a Stout or Porter chaser.

Here's to bad decisions that lead to great ideas!


V☆HB is the idea of a 10 year U.S. Army Veteran who saw a need for a modern version of the traditional veteran service and campaign hats without compromising classic representation. While there will always be love for the awesome traditional service and campaign hats we all know (still can't wait to wear one) VHB offers an alternative.

And so, V☆HB offers classic representation with a modern look.

V☆HB isn't only for Veterans. Whether you're active duty, Reserves, National Guard, family of a service member or Veteran, or a Patriot who loves our country and supports our men and woman in uniform - V☆HB is for everyone! 


Vet☆Head Brand will always strive to provide a 100% US sourced product and manufacturing. VHB uses premium hats made by OTTO International Inc, Richardson and Decky. All are American owned companies with stateside headquarters.

However, and in the interest of full transparency, all three compies outsource the manufacturing so from time-to-time, we may receive hats that were put together in China and for that we apologize. But that is why we try to at least make up for it a little by doing our best to only employ Veteran owned small businesses for our web design and maintenace, product design, product production, advertisement and marketing needs.

Our hats are designed in house and the digitizing and embroidery is done right here in Las Vegas by Veteran owned and Veteran employed companies

We are just getting started, and the unfortunate reality is the using American manufactured hats would not allow us to provide you with a quality product at an affordable price in this phase of our journey. Major popular brands like New Era, Flexfit, and '47 all have their hats manufactured oveseas. Using brands like Otto, Richardson and Decky allows us to provide a quality premium American product with low overhead and that means we pass the savings on to you.

Our promise? You may not get a hat manufactured in the US, but we won't send you one that says it was "Made in China"


Who is VetHead Brand and what are we about?

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV VHB is a Vegas born, Military family owned and operated company.

VHB is not just about looking sharp while representing your service with pride, we hope to be much more than that. We plan on taking advantage of this opportunity and use this platform to give back to the veteran community in the near future. Whether through community outreach, sponsorships, or collaborations with other veteran-focused organizations in the Valley.

In addition our goal is to some day be able to donate a percentage of our sales to local programs fo veterans in need. This is where you come int.

We also plan to use this blessing to bring awareness to one particular area of the veteran community that we believe we believe this is largely underrepresented - Woman Veteran. Woman Veteran have played a vital role since WWI. Woman in general have played a vital supporting role in earlier conflicts. VHB co-owner Maria Rodriguez an Army Veteran, has created a line of products specifically for woman veteran aply named "(W)oman (V)eteran" or "WV". See the VHB 4 Her page for details about this collection.

The Veteran community is a unique one. A camaraderie like no other. We at V☆HB believe in paying it forward and supporting those who made a choice to serve our country regardless of your motivation so we pledge to do so in any way we can.

We thank you for your support!

To get to know V☆HB CEO DJ and Co-owner Ria, go to the "V☆HB Leadership" page.