I remember seeing those "Vietman Veteran" type service hats at the Post Exchange or "PX" and thinking "I can't wait to wear one of those till it's as old and beatup as I am." It's a rite of passage. A badge of honor so-to-speak.

One day, while exercising my dear friend "The eighth wonder of the world" (that's what I call my liver) at one of Las Vegas locals favorite watering hole I won a hat with the tavern's name on it. It was a prize for drinking 100 different beers as part of their beer club membership. It was a flatbill "fitted" hat. I've always liked that look but have always worn curved bill baseball caps because this style of hat has never looked good on me no matter how many I tried on over the years. My first instinct was to give it away but I figured I'd try it on...

I wore the hat every chance I got. Actually, I still do.

Fast forward to a few months later and it suddenly hit me that I didn't have to wait till I earned the right to wear one of those awesome "Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran" hats I saw at the PX so I decided to create my own design to wear. I did some research on the brand of hat and found out that OTTO International only sells their hats at wholesale and the proverbial light bulb came on! "What if I buy a few and sell my designs on Etsy?" That single thought quickly morphed into VetHead Brand, LLC and the rest is history.

You know what they say - the best ideas involve booze. In my case, it's American Whiskey and a Porter or Stout chaser.

"Here's to great ideas!"