V☆HB is the idea of a 10 year U.S. Army Veteran who saw a need for a modern version of the traditional veteran service hats without compromising classic representation. While there will always be a market for the awesome traditional veteran service hats we all know and love (still can't wait to wear one) some of the "new greatest generation" of veterans may not want to wait till they've earned that right to wear them.

And so, VHB offers classic representation with a modern look.

VHB isn't only for Veterans. Whether you're active duty, Reserves, National Guard, family of a service member or Veteran, or a Patriot who loves our country and supports our men and woman in uniform - VHB is for everyone! We aim to be all inclusive. And when we say all-inclusive we mean all-inclusive.

VHB isn't just about looking good while representing your service, patriotism, and support for our troops. Go to "Company Recon" to learn more.