Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV VHB is a Vegas born, Military family owned and operated company.

VHB is not just about looking sharp while representing your service with pride, we hope to be much more than that. We plan on taking advantage of this opportunity and use this platform to give back to the veteran community in the near future. Whether through community outreach or collaborations with other veteran-focused organizations in the Valley.

One of our goals is support local Veteran mental health and suicide prevention programs. In addition to our time, our goal is to join the 100s of other awarness campaigns and create our own called "Battle Buddy 22" or "B2.22" line of products and have a portion of the proceeds go to local mental health and suicide prevention while the other portion goes to design and production of more B2.22 merchandise.

We also plan to use this blessing to bring awareness to one particular area of the veteran community that we believe we believe this is largely underrepresented - Woman Veteran. Woman Veteran have played a vital role since WWI. Woman in general have played a vital supporting role in earlier conflicts. VHB co-owner aka Mama Bear, an Army Veteran, will be creating a line of products dedicated specifically for woman veteran that will include t-shirts as well as hats and other merchandise.

The Veteran community is a unique one. A camaraderie like no other. We at VHB believe in paying it forward and supporting those who made a choice to serve our country regardless of your motivation so we pledge to do so in any way we can.

We thank you for your support!

To get to know Papa and Mama Bear go to "V☆HB Leadership" to learn more.